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Lawyer Traits





Our solicitors project the personality we hope defines our firm: innovative, energetic, efficient and most importantly, trustworthy.




Because our clients trust us with work traditionally sent to law firms, we rely heavily on our solicitors to exhibit exceptional judgement.




Service is the defining theme of our firm and we're committed to getting it right.  For us, this means demonstrating to our clients that we "get it".  We delight in exceeding our clients' expectations and, in return, our clients reward us with loyalty and interesting work.




Our solicitors thrive with the change inherent to any litigation, and they take real pleasure in problem-solving in response to shifting priorities.




Communication is key to our success.  We communicate constructively and concisely, we're hard working and demonstrate grace under pressure.


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Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us today and connect with us on our social networking sites.  Alternatively you may complete our Client Interest Form under Contact in the main menu.


Wheelers Hill Office:
Level 3, Brandon Park Dr
Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3150
T: 1300 688 421
Clayton Office:
A11, 2A Westall Road
Springvale, Victoria, 3171
T: 1300 688 421
Melbourne Office:
Level 3, Brandon Park Dr
Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3150
T: 1300 688 421


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What kind of experience do I need?


Our people are highly accomplished but the depth and breadth of their experience varies depending on their position.  Solicitors who provide legal services to our business clients must have in-house legal experience and demonstrate the ability to provide commercially viable legal solutions and outstanding service to our clients.   


What positions are available?


We will advertise any vacancies on our website when a vacancy arises.


How can I submit my resume?


When a vacancy arises, please send your resume to the email address on the advertisement and specify the position you are applying for in your covering letter.


Where would I be required to work?


We operate out of two main offices located in Bentleigh & Mount Waverley.  However, our clients are based all over Melbourne and travel to a client's location may be required.


Do I need to follow-up after submitting my resume?


It is not necessary to follow up your application.  Every resume is thoroughly screened and considered. We will contact you to schedule an interview if we feel your experience closely matches our requirements.


What is the interview process?


Generally, applicants can expect 2 to 3 rounds of interviews. The first round is typically with our management team and subsequent rounds are an opportunity to get to know the people you will be working with. We know that we ask a lot of our candidates, but we are incredibly selective in our hiring and meticulously focused on creating a truly special and addictive culture. Thank you in advance for your patience.


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Unfair Contract Terms

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Company Culture



Our Culture


MLB succeeds by being creative, thoughtful and working hard with our clients to meet their individual requirements.  What we don’t do is mess around and cut corners and get ourselves in trouble. That means that when it comes to issues like conflicts of interest, confidentiality, harassment, accounting etc., we don’t even get close to the line.

We pride ourselves on being the good guys. We’d rather have an off year, or face the music of telling the truth, than do something that’s ethically questionable, or legally borderline. That’s the gist.

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Experts In Understanding Your Business


Our people have extensive experience and expertise to service clients in many different industries, including retail, manufacturing, pharmacy, information technology, real estate and food.

Our managing principal has worked as an in-house lawyer for different companies and therefore, understands the necessity of handling matters in a commercial cost effective manner and the challenges faced by businesses.

To provide you with the best legal advice which suites your individual requirements our people work hard to understand the challenges faced in your industry and business.

Our ultimate mission is to ensure that no matter what your aspirations and objectives are for your business that you achieve them.

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Who We Serve



We currently serve leading and dynamic growth companies with projects spanning a wide range of industries including retail, suppliers internet, software, hardware, life sciences, consumer electronics and food outlets.

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I.T. Transactions



Information Technology Transactions


MLB provides general commercial legal services to clients in technology industries including the following services:

     • Inbound/outbound licensing of software, content, IP (Enterprise &



     • Internet Law (E-Commerce, Privacy Policies and Terms of Use)

     • Reseller, OEM, VAR and distribution agreements

     • Strategic alliance, partnership and co-marketing agreements

     • Evaluation of 3rd-Party software/open source use

     • Drafting and negotiating a range of commercial agreements for

       technology businesses (including online terms and conditions,

       software development, reseller and marketing agreements)

     • Intellectual property protection for computer software and


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MLB has expertise in a range of disputes, including:

    • Contractual disputes

    • Disputes with regulatory authorities such as the Australian

      Competition and Consumer Commission


    • Disputes relating to intellectual property rights including,

      trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, trade secrets and

      confidential information

    • Employment & Industrial Relations

    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency law

    • Property disputes

    • Building/Construction

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    • Mediation

Sunday, 16 December 2012 01:04

Intellectual Property



Intellectual Property


MLB handle commercial and contentious Intellectual Property (IP) matters.  MLB advises clients on the most effective IP strategy to assist with business growth both in Australia and overseas.

Specifically, MLB provides advice on the following:

      • Copyright, trademarks, patents, designs and branding protection

      • Registration of designs, trademarks and patents

      • Protection of trade secrets and confidential information

      • Management of IP portfolio's & litigation

      • Due diligence and audits of IP

      • Performers’ and publishers’ agreements

      • IP Litigation and dispute resolution (including IP compliance and



      • Trademark & Copyright prosecution


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  Wheelers Hill Office:
Level 3, 2 Brandon Park Drive
Wheelers Hill, Victoria, 3150
T: 1300 688 421
Clayton Office:
A11, 2A Westall Road
Clayton, Victoria, 3168
T: 1300 688 421
Melbourne Office:
Level 3, 257 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
T: 1300 688 421